Pet Treats

Why do Pets need Heathy Pet Treats?

Hay let go those are my sausage treats you dumb Cat and no you can’t have them so let them go already, you darn cat.

Pet Treats with a proper, balanced diet is key to maintaining your pet’s health. And nothing will keep them healthier than ensuring not just the food, but also the treats you give them are high quality, biologically appropriate, and work to meet their needs. Don’t undo all the good you’ve done in selecting a great pet food by supplementing with puppy or kitty junk food!

Treats that will complement and complete their diet do exist. In this article, we’ll give you tips on how to select healthy treats as well as introduce you to different options that you’ll find when shopping. By the end, you’ll have enough knowledge to choose the perfect treats for your furry friend.

Another recommendation is to avoid treats that have added sugar, low-quality fillers, and artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. If you find yourself doing Google searches for multiple ingredients trying to figure out what they are, it might be best to avoid that treat option.

There are also some treats that claim to be “natural” or “organic” on their labels, but this doesn’t always indicate that a treat is healthy. It may still be too high in calories, fat, or inappropriate fillers to make it a good choice. Again, read the ingredient list and look for a nutritional breakdown of the treat either on the packaging or the manufacturer’s website.

The country where a treat is made can also play a big role in its quality and safety. We recommend selecting treats with ingredients sourced and produced in the US, or other countries with strictly enforced food regulations for pets. If they meet the requirements of human-grade quality and labeling, even better!

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