ETTA, HEAD OF THE HOUSEHOLD – The literal translation for Etta is “Head of the Household”. Etta Says believes that most dogs are the head of the household and therefore deserve the highest quality, best tasting treats.
CRUNCHY CHEWS FOR DOGS – Etta Says chews are safer than traditional rawhide due to their proprietary manufacturing process that breaks down the rawhide and blends it with high quality proteins.
OVER ONE POUND OF DOG CHEWS – Each bag includes 1.5 pounds of dog chews. Mixed proteins and mixed sizes – proteins include: turkey, duck, elk, rabbit, deer, and bison.
100% NATURAL – No artificial additive or preservatives. High in protein, Grain-Free, and easy to digest.
100% USA MADE DOG TREATS – Etta Says is proud to use 100% USA ingredients and products sourced from American Farms.



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