Jogging Shoes

Old man jogging in his new running Jogging Shoes he got on this Website.

First time Jogging Shoes buyer? Before diving into our reviews, take a moment to read this running and Jogging Shoes buying guide.

What is the most important factor to look for when it comes to choosing running and Jogging Shoes? Do you actually need running shoes? How much do you spend, and which brand is best? In this video, we’re going to answer all these questions and more.

Do you need Running and Jogging Shoes?

Short answer, yes. While running, your feet go through a simple motion called the running gait, landing on your heel, rolling your foot from heel to toe and finally, toe-off.

When you step on your foot running, you exercise a force between one and a half and three times your body weight. Running shoes have mainly two functions. One, absorb part of the shock, this is called cushioning, and two, guide or encourage your feet to move in a safe and efficient manner through the running gait.

These shoes are designed and optimized for this simple motion. Other sports have

different movements, sudden change in speed and direction, stops, jumps, rotations.

When you bring the shoe that was designed for other sports, you are not getting the benefits a running shoe is meant to give, and you’re potentially putting yourself at greater risk of injury.

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