Wonder Bound Single-Ingredient Beef Gullet Sticks are long lasting, highly digestible and downright delicious. Made of only 100% premium quality beef and minimally processed, our gullet sticks feature irregular surfaces that help clean teeth while giving your dog hours of gnawsome delight. They’re a tasty reward your dog will love.

SINGLE INGREDIENT: Made with only 100% premium quality beef gullet, with a strong, appealing aroma
HIGHLY DIGESTIBLE: Crunchy and easily breakable makes these great for sensitive tummies and an alternative to splinter-prone rawhide or bones
SUPPORTS DENTAL HEALTH: Irregular surface helps remove plaque and tartar as dogs chew
MINIMALLY PROCESSED and hand inspected to ensure quality
No added grain, gluten, sugar or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors
Includes 25 beef gullet sticks for dogs in a resealable pouch
An Amazon brand
Note: You may experience some natural odor with this product as it is naturally sourced and does not contain any added or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors. Our products are inspected to ensure they meet our quality standards and this odor is as expected for this type of product.



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