MINIMIZE PORES: GOO GETTER combines moisture-drawing technology with ingredients that repel impurities to unclog and minimize the appearance of pores.
DERMATOLOGICAL HYDROCOLLOID: Hydrocolloid is an occlusive, moisture-retentive dressing material backed by innumerable clinical trials, proven to quickly + effectively extract impurities and moisture from surface pimples. Also: waterproof and biodegradable.
INGREDIENTS TO FLATTEN THE LOOK OF ZITS: A level-up from standard hydrocolloid patches, GOO GETTER is infused with exfoliating, fuss-fighting ingredients niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin c and tea tree to flatten zits quickly.
FINGER-PROOF: GOO GETTER forms a convenient barrier between the zit and your fingers, or outside stressors, keeping it protected and clean.
SPEEDS UP RENEWAL: GOO GETTER acts as a second layer of skin, tricking the brain into thinking there’s a scab. This accelerates skin regeneration and revives the affected area, fast.



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