Solid facial masks are now very popular products, very popular with men and women.

It can make the skin comfortable and firm, even out the complexion, and make your skin firm and moisturized. The green tea solid mask has moisturizing, hydrating, skin rejuvenation, smoothness, etc., can enhance the skin’s luster and moisture, and make the skin soft, moisturized and elastic.

Natural green tea ingredients: Green tea solid cleanser contains green tea extract, can effectively reduce blackheads, acne, adjust the skin’s water and oil balance, replenish skin moisture, nourish skin and improve skin tone. It is an ideal facial mask cosmetic.
Rotating head design: we can use it by gently unscrewing the lid of the solid mask, and turning it out by hand, the rotating head design, we don’t need to touch the mask, and can be applied to the face according to personal conditions, simple and worry-free, The texture is fine and smooth, believe you will fall in love with this mask.
Deep cleansing of pores: The green tea solid mask contains green tea ingredients, which can effectively clean our facial pores, improve skin tone, reduce blackheads, maintain the balance of water and oil in the skin, and give us a beautiful face.
Moisturizing and improving skin tone: This is a very popular solid mask at present, which can improve the elasticity of the skin, increase the moisture of the skin, and has a good skin care effect. It can quickly replenish our dry skin and restore the original moisture status.
Skin elasticity: Put a moist mask on the face, the nutrients contained in it will tightly wrap the skin, which can help the skin better absorb the nutrients and moisture in the mask, so that the cells in the deep layers of the skin can replenish moisture and make the skin change. It is soft, tender, and elastic.



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