Peach Slices Nose Pore Patches deliver clearer, tighter-looking pores in just 6 hours. A medical-grade hydrocolloid patch targets pores and pimples, effectively absorbing oil and gunk while you sleep. Patches peel off gently leaving pores and skin clear and residue-free in the morning.

Soaks up gunk – excess oil – from pores and pimples. Pores look clearer and tighter after use.
Drug-free, non-drying, for all skin types even sensitive skin. Flexibly thin for a universal fit. Removes easily without pain or leftover residue.
100% medical-grade hydrocolloid, a naturally secretion-absorbing material that powerfully absorbs gunk from pores and pimples. Medical-grade hydrocolloid works rapidly and non-drying hydrocolloid material does not strip skin.
7 Pack: This pack contains 7 nose pore patches designed and developed for cleaning nose pores.
Vegan & Cruelty-Free Formula: Our acne dots are made with a clean formula that is alcohol-free, does not contain harmful chemicals, is cruelty-free, and vegan friendly.



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