Use powerful botanical compounds to make the most out of your personal health and wellness with Thinbi’s Berberine for Women and Men!

Our Mission

We aim to empower individuals who prioritize their well-being with premium, efficient, and natural health solutions. Our dedication lies in remaining at the forefront of innovation and research within the health and wellness industry, all while upholding a commitment to transparency and integrity in the production of our highly potent berberine supplement.

Order now and incorporate the untold benefits of berberine today!

As Clean As They Come: no banned substances, gluten, eggs, tree nuts, peanuts, dairy, soy or fish and non-GMO

World-Class Standards: manufactured in leading facilities that hold the highest safety certifications

Rigorously Tested: 3rd party tested to ensure complete transparency and maximum efficacy

Botanical Boost: includes Bitter Melon Fruit (10:1 extract) and Banaba Leaf Extract (1% extract)

Whether you’re looking to fit into those jeans like you used to, be able to play freely with the kids in your yard or an athlete looking to optimize their body composition and maximize performance, our berberine supplement provides you with a metabolism-boosting, premium source of nutrition. Derived directly from Indian Barberry Extract (Berberis Aristata) without fillers, our supplement delivers only premium quality, unadulterated berberine along with wellness-boosting botanicals. Unlock the power of berberine to help your body’s maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels, increase of intestinal flora diversity and loss of abdominal fat

Wellness From Within: Take control of your metabolic and GI health with Thinbi’s Berberine Supplement. Berberine has been shown to be effective in helping you to maintain and manage a healthy weight and achieve optimal wellness.
Superior Formulation: These berberine supplements have been developed with maximized potency and efficacy in mind. Containing Bitter Melon Fruit Extract for immune system support and Banaba Leaf Extract for metabolic support.
Easy To Use: Just 2 capsules daily is all it takes to benefit from highly bioavailable nutrition that is easy on the stomach. This berberine supplement may also help you maintain a healthy gut microbiome by balancing beneficial levels.
Traditionally Trusted: Berberine is a well-trusted and revered supplement used thousands of years ago in Ayurvedic and Chinese herbal practices. We keep things simple, bringing you the best that Berberine offers without any fillers.



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