Supports healthy metabolic function – Drug-free formula supports metabolic function & glucose utilization.*
Promotes healthy carbohydrate and lipid metabolism – Formulated to help regulate absorption and metabolism of dietary carbohydrates and lipids.*
Maintains balanced insulin response & signaling – Olive leaf extract and chromium support insulin sensitivity and signaling response. Berberine and alpha lipoic acid may also help to regulate lipid metabolism.*
Supports healthy weight & lifestyle – Insulin Health’s natural formulation of herbs & minerals helps support a healthy weight and active lifestyle.*
Zero chemicals, zero artificial additives – Every single LES Labs dietary supplement is manufactured in the USA in our state-of-the-art GMP-certified facilities. Order your LES Labs drug-free insulin health support caps with confidence. Please note that the contents of this supplement contain a pure olive leaf extract, which may naturally discolor overtime. This discoloration does not affect the potency or efficacy of the product.



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