REAL FOOD, REAL NUTRITION: All of our treats use organic all-natural human-grade foods to create treats perfect for dogs and puppies. Our treat supplements your pets regular diet with ingredients that promote and wellness and healthy digestion.
NO FILLERS: We use a combination of real foods with probiotics, and antioxidants to create dog treats that best support your pets day to day health. Our dog biscuits are made of non-GMO whole foods that are entirely soy free, corn free, and without additives or artificial preservatives.
ALL-NATURAL SUPPORT: YUP PUP treats are delicious snacks, supplements, and multivitamins all in one!
THE BEST FOR YOUR DOGS: Great for any puppy, small, medium, or large breed dog! Choose from 3 all-natural flavors and find the one your dog likes best! Try Peanut Butter Bites, Savory Salmon Snacks, and Tasty Bacon Treats flavors.
YUP PUP: We make treats that do more for your darling dog or precious puppy. Each treat supplements your dog’s diet with nutritious whole foods. All of our biscuits are made in the USA and formulated with the help of Veterinarians, Food Scientists, and Doggy Taste Testers.



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