GREAT PRESENT FOR PET PARENTS: Keep in your pet’s medicine cabinet to help prevent infections; This eye ointment for cats and dogs is a Veterinary Recommended, easy-to-use ointment for eye infections; Contains versatile, broad-spectrum anti-infectives; Simply Wash, Wipe, then apply Eye Ointment for Effective Treatment
BROAD—SPECTRUM ANTI-INFECTIVE OINTMENT: Help fight eye infections caused by bacteria; Directed to help combat a variety of eye infections, including conjunctivitis (pink eye), inflamed cornea, corneal ulcer and inflammation of the eyelids; These infections can cause pain, irritation, irregular tear production, among other issues; This ointment is applied topically for easy administration
ALL—ANIMAL EYE WASH: Provide safe, effective relief to your pet’s eye irritations and wounds with these dog eye drops for infection; Use to remove debris and regular eye care; Approved for use on all animals, from cats and dogs to horses and livestock; PAIN-FREE SOLUTION; Flush affected eyes with this eye wash or a saturated dressing 3-4 times per day until the condition is no longer visible; Safe for use around the mouth, nose, ears and eyes; Helps prevent tear stains with regular use
IS YOUR DOG OR CAT TEARY-EYED? A perfect tear stain remover for white dogs; Help keep the fur around their eyes clean with Optixcare Eye Cleaning Wipes; These specially formulated wipes clean up debris around the eyes caused by secretions, and gently remove light tear stains; Wipes contain a solution of mild cleansers that gently soothe and clean the eye and surrounding area; Use for routine cleaning, dissolving dried matter, and removing tear stains; For use in cats and dogs
IRRITATION FROM FREQUENT WATERING SOOTHED WITH CHAMOMILE: Removing wetness and goo from around your pet’s eyes will make them more comfortable, and the reduction of tear stains makes them look great, too; Optixcare’s Eye Cleaning Wipes are moistened with Optixcare Cleaning Solution and are free of any harsh chemicals such as peroxides or alcohol, making them safe to use around your pet’s eyes on a regular basis



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