Sleeping lip mask
Your best lip care product.
Nourish and moisturize, fade lip lines and restore toot lips.

Improves Dryness
Nourishes and Hydrates
Reduce Lip Lines
Improve Lip Lines
Reddish colour, moist lips are more attractive.
Soften exfoliation, remove dead skin, and moisturize lips.

Helps nourish and maintain long-lasting moisture for the skin.

Ingredient 2: Vitamin C
Antioxidants and helps neutralize the damaging effects of free radicals on the skin.

How to use: Before going to bed

Before going to bed, use a Sleeping lip mask to apply Sleeping lip mask on dry lips. The
moisturizing ingredients will penetrate into the lips.

The next morning, use a cotton pad or tissue to gently wipe off any remaining Sleeping lip mask. Lips become softer and firmer.

Moisturizing Sleeping lip mask: Sleeping lip mask can fully moisturize and repair lips at night, making your lips appear more pink and moist. Therefore, the Sleeping lip mask can moisturize the lips very well. The next day you will see that your lips have a good texture and are very attractive.
Remove dry skin on lips: The Sleeping lip mask can remove dry skin on the lips very well, because the Sleeping lip mask contains relatively small particles and the texture is very mild. Because human lips will also age and have excessively thick cuticles, appropriate use of sleep lip masks can alleviate this situation.
Improve lip wrinkles: Sleeping lip mask can also eliminate wrinkles on the lips. Some people always have dry and peeling lips, which is due to the loss of nutrients. Therefore, lips also need careful care. Sleeping lip mask can well supplement the substances needed by lips. Deeply nourish the lips, improve lip peeling and other conditions, thereby reducing lip lines.
Improve lip color: Our Sleeping lip mask can improve lip color. For those with dark lips, Sleeping lip mask can help lighten lip color. Especially after using the Sleeping lip mask, you can feel your lips become plump and moisturized. In addition, people with dull lips can use lip masks to rejuvenate their lips.
How to use: When using the Sleeping lip mask, you can use a cotton swab to gently apply a layer on your lips. This can fully remove the dead skin on your lips, penetrate into the depths of your lips, protect your lips, and make your lips look fuller. Filled and shiny, the sleep lip mask is easy to use because you can fall asleep peacefully after applying it.



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