The Complete Skincare Set Includes:
🍊Facial cleanser 100g * 1
🍊Toner 120 ml * 1
🍊Essence 30 ml * 1
🍊Face cream 50 g * 1
🍊Eye cream * 20 g * 1
🍊Sleep facial mask, 4 ml * 2
🍊Lip mask 8 g*2
🍊Lips balm 10 g * 1
This progressive skincare set will make your face feel soft, hydrated, smooth, and delicate.

1.Lip Care Combination: Lip Mask+Lip Balm
🍊During the day: use lipstick to moisturize and protect your lips.
🍊At night: Use lip mask to deeply nourish and care for lips, improve lip lines and dullness.

2. Mild Facial Wash
🍊Cleansing skincare facial cleanser that cleanses, balances, and moisturizes your skin, achieving a delightful and perfect moisturizing effect.

3. Vitamin C Toner
🍊Remove excess oil and aged keratin, leaving the skin refreshing, smooth, and delicate.

4. Anti Oxidant Facial Essence
🍊Vitamin C facial essence can effectively improve dull, dry and tired skin, reduce wrinkles, spots and pockmarks, promote collagen regeneration, tighten skin, and make skin moist, plump and radiant.

5. Smooth And Delicate Vitamin C Facial Moisturizer
🍊Organic facial moisturizer can moisturize and improve dry, rough pores and aging skin.

6. Eye Cream For Dark Circles
🍊Effectively improve black circles, eye bags, and dullness, awaken tired skin, and make the eyes look hydrated, smooth, bright, and more energetic.

7. Smooth And Delicate Sleep Facial Mask
🍊This lightweight, non greasy sleep facial mask is gentle enough, and contains natural plant ingredients that are easy to absorb, making the skin look moist, smooth, bright, and more energetic. It is suitable for women and men of all skin types.

🍊【VC Skin Care Set】- Our complete vitamin C skincare set helps you create the most br_ightest, delicate and smooth skin to date. The vitamin C face care set for women can effectively improve dull, dry, and tired skin, reduce wrinkles, spots, and acne marks, promote collagen regeneration, and tighten the skin.
🍊【Skin Care Sets & Kits】- 10-Pack Vitamin C skin care set contains the hydrating and nourishing necessities you need most: With Face Wash, Toner, Face Serum, Face Cream, Eye Cream, 2*Face sleeping Mask, 2*Lip Mask & Lip Balm, which can provide lasting moisturizing barrier for the skin.
🍊【Deep Hydration & Moisturizing】- Natural vitamin C and a variety of gentle skincare ingredients penetrate deep into the skin, constantly replenishing moisture to achieve a long-lasting moisturizing skincare effect. This face care set for women can comprehensively moisturize your facial skin while caring for your dry and cracked lips!
🍊【Delicate Care For Delicate Skin】- Our anti-aging skincare set is one of the best choices for you to slow down the signs of aging and improve the condition of dry, rough and dull skin, especially in dry winter! This gentle and organic skin care kit is suitable for all skin types of men and women, including neutral, dry, oily, and sensitive skin.
🍊【Skin Care Gift Set】 – This gentle skin care kits can bring her beauty and confidence! Face kit skin care for women is a set of pampered gifts for girls, women, family, loved ones, and friends on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and anniversaries!



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