The Puressentiel SOS Skin Anti Blemish Care contains 11 essential oils known for their purifying and regenerative benefits. This product helps to dry, purify and regenerate blemish prone skin thanks to its fast and targeted action.

TARGETED BLEMISH ACTION. This product helps to dry, purify and regenerate blemish prone skin with specialized ingredients. Find fast relief for red, irritated, unsightly bumps and spots with our Puressentiel SOS Skin Anti-Blemish Care.
SPECIALIZED BLEND OF ESSENTIALS. Our SOS skin treatment contains a blend of essential oils known for their purifying and healing qualities, specially chosen to provide you with blemish relief and restorative benefits.
EXPERIENCE THE ESSENTIALS. Essential oils are an aromatic substance, generally extracted from a plant by steam distillation, containing active ingredients. They provide the quintessential properties of the plant, in a concentrated form.
AROMATHERAPY ACCESSIBLE TO ALL. Supported by botanists, engineers, and specialists, we prepare innovative, and effective formulations. We have simplified essential oils, creating ready-to-use products, with clear directions for safe applications.
THE PURESSENTIEL MISSION. Our company mission is to draw on the very best of nature, in an eco-friendly and eco-responsible way, in order to make the Efficacy of Nature accessible to everyone in its purest and most essential form.



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