You want clear skin but feel like most acne fighting formulas contain harsh ingredients that cause dryness or irritation. Proactiv’s new dermatologist-developed and tested clear skin routine is formulated with the clean, gentle, proven and safe ingredients you want – like mineral-derived sulfur and azelaic acid – and formulated without the ones you don’t – like sulfates, parabens & phthalates. Perfect for mild acne and occasional breakouts, this clean and gentle 3-step routine helps clear blemishes, while smoothing and helping to calm the skin.

Introducing Proactiv Clean, a cleaner, gentler approach for mild acne skin care & occasional breakouts- Non-comedogenic and proactively formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates, cyclic silicones & 100+ no-no ingredients.
The Proactiv Clean 3-Step Acne Treatment Routine skin care set is perfect for adults and teens with sensitive skin, formulated with gentler yet proven acne-clearing ingredients like mineral-derived sulfur and salicylic acid to help clear blemishes, and skin-loving ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, bakuchiol & chamomile to help smooth texture, even skin tone and calm irritated skin.
The Proactiv Clean 3-Step Acne Treatment Routine skin care set includes the Mineral Acne Cleanser to gently wash away excess dirt & oil for that clean skin feeling, the Azelaic Pore Perfector to help decongest pores and helps to visibly improve skin’s tone and radiance, and the Acne Clearing Hydrator to nourish and help improve skin’s texture.
Zits Happen, but Proactiv’s got you covered- each Proactiv Clean 3-Step Routine kit comes with our Zits Happen Patches, formulated with hydrating hydrocolloid and other skin-loving ingredients, these clear pimple patches help conceal blemishes and cleanse pores while providing a defensive barrier against picking and environmental stressors.
The Proactiv Clean 3-Step Acne Treatment Routine includes: Mineral Acne Cleanser, 2 FL. OZ; Azelaic Pore Perfector, 1 FL. OZ; Acne Clearing Hydrator, 1 FL. OZ; Zits Happen Patches, 15 CT- For best results, use the Proactiv Clean 3-Step Routine consistently, morning and night.



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