Odor Annihilator: Dive deep into odor elimination, where advanced science meets nature. Our Extreme Strength formula doesn’t just mask; it annihilates persistent pet odors. Whether it’s urine, poop, or the unexpected marking, our pet odor neutralizer destroys even the most persistent smells. With a fusion of Orange and Lemon Peel Oils, every spray releases a burst of freshness, giving you a home that’s not just free from unwanted pet smells, but also radiates a refreshing citrus aroma
Ultimate Stain Eradicator: From a simple spilled wine catastrophe to muddy paw prints left by your furry friend, our stain remover is your carpet’s shield. Crafted to tackle the most stubborn stains, whether on upholstery, rugs, or prized furniture, trust in the unparalleled cleaning prowess of our Extreme Strength variant. With its advanced power, watch as even the most stubborn stains on your couch, carpet, or leather vanish, leaving no trace behind
Safety First, Always: Power shouldn’t compromise safety. While our Extreme Strength formula is a potent potion against stains and odors, it ensures your home remains a haven for kids and pets. With ingredients that prioritize safety, rest easy knowing that both pets and kids can roam freely in a freshly cleaned environment. Crafted with care, it’s gentle on fabrics yet relentless on stains, because we believe in powerful cleaning without any hidden risks.
Versatile Cleaning Dynamo: From the litter box odors to unexpected pee accidents on your prized couch, our cleaning solution is the perfect blend of professional-grade cleaning agents and natural citrus oils. BWhether you’re dealing with a cat’s peed spot or a dog’s marking, our enzymatic formula ensures no stain or smell lingers. It’s not just an eliminator; it’s a complete indoor cleaning solution for homes with pets.
Unyielding Power, Gentle Touch: Nuesta’s Extreme Strength formula is designed to adapt, from leather settees to delicate fabrics. Our formula is a cleaning powerhouse, ready to tackle any challenge, from soil to pee. Whether it’s a recurring odor from the litter box or an unexpected wine spill, arm yourself with a cleaner that rises to the challenge every single time. Whether you’re lifting stains off fabrics or keeping the leather sofa pristine, trust in the cleaning prowess of Nuesta



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