FLUSH OUT & CLEAN EYES – PetSilver Eye Wash is perfect for pets with intermittent and/or frequent eye problems. It works by bonding to particles that irritate eyes and slow condition recovery. This chelated silver formulation also helps to wash away unsightly dirt or act as a tear stain remover in certain breeds prone to eye issues like Persian cat eyes and Pug dog eyes. A great, simple treatment, for small or large pets; no need for wipes!
EASY TO USE – Use up to three times a day, as needed or directed by your vet. Gently secure your pet and hold their eyelids open. Administer several drops to the inner corner of both eyes, and allow pet to blink to evenly distribute the wash. It is okay if extra eye wash solution splashes over, remember this a washing and healing agent. You can blot the excess solution on fur with a towel, or let it air dry. Get a human friend to help for particularly squirmy pets.
GOOD FOR SENSITIVE PETS – This eye wash is highly recommended for fur babies with sensitivities, chronic conditions, or a specifc allergy or allergies. It includes only water and chelated silver, and nothing else! There is no alcohol, no artificial scents, no perfumes or preservatives. Properly applied, your pet’s eyes may start to look much better as soon as the next day. For maintenance, consider using once or twice a week.
READY TO USE PACKAGING – These eye drops are packaged in a bottle with an easy to use screw top. Just open the top, invert and gently squeeze the bottle to administer drops. Apply liquid directly from bottle to the eye. Avoid using cotton swabs, as these may irritate eyes further. Avoid using cotton balls for tear stains. Fur tear stains will resolve without cleaning as eyes improve.
MADE IN THE USA – PetSilver proudly manufactures all its products in Louisville, Kentucky. You can trust what you are giving your pet – because we are giving it to our pets! Your satisfaction is guaranteed. We are only happy when you and your fur babies are happy!



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