Dog Tear Stain Remover: Effectively treats eye stains caused by tears in dogs. Our product doubles as a pet stain remover, targeting tough stains and provides a comprehensive dog eye infection treatment. Ideal for tear stain remover for white dogs.
Allergy Dog Chews : A bundle of allergy chews for dogs itching, and allergy immune bites for dogs. These dog treats not only provide relief from allergies but also act as an immune support supplement, enhancing overall health.
All Natural Dog Treats : Our allergy treats for dogs are made from all-natural ingredients, offering a safe and healthy option. They serve as an excellent multivitamin for dogs, supplementing their diet with essential vitamins and minerals.
Dog Eye Infection Treatment : Our product is a comprehensive solution for dog eye care, effectively acting as a dog eye stain remover and dog eye booger remover. It also has properties of an eye supplement for dogs, promoting eye health.
Immune Support : These dog treats are not just tasty but also provide immune support. They are enriched with zeaxanthin and lutein for eye health, making them a valuable addition to your pet’s diet as a pet vitamins dogs need.



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