FOR THE TRUE TASTEMAKER Tasty treats are sure to be a hit with your fur baby! What pup doesn’t love a good rawhide? Rawhide chews are wrapped in all-natural chicken breast, adding some delectable flavor to your pupper’s special snack. This crunchy delight is a good fit for any size breed. NO NEED TO BE GLUMMY, THESE TASTE YUMMY Savory sticks are stored in a convenient cannister with a resealable cap that seals in freshness and prevents odors from escaping. The handy handle at the top makes transport easy peasy. Treats are grain free, no extra stuff here! Just the good stuff that your good doggo knows and loves! An all-natural rawhide stick makes for a long lasting and extra crunchy treat. FOR SNACK OR TOY TIME When you want to give your pooch a little morsel of happy, Chik ‘n Skewers are a perfect pantry staple for any discerning pet parent.

grain free – pet ‘n shape natural chik ‘n skewers feature 100% all-natural chicken breast delicately wound around a savory rawhide chew. pet ‘n shape original treats contain no artificial additivities, colors, or preservatives and contain no wheat, corn, and soy.
ingredients – natural chicken breast filets and cowhide make for a chewy snack. all imported products have their ingredients us lab-tested to ensure safety for your most special friend.
healthy snack –pet ’n shape chik ‘n skewers are perfect for playful pups of all sizes. chicken treats are a perfect snack; making each treat an optimal reward for pups of all shapes. it’s a bite of delight for your best bud!
convenient – ideal for easy storage; the cannister or pouch is resealable which locks in freshness and prevents odors from escaping. it’s also especially hard for pup to break into when they’re looking for a midnight snack of their own.
100% natural- pet ‘n shape chik ‘n skewers are an all-natural chicken breast and cowhide rawhide treat. chicken breast is a great source of lean protein and you can rest assured that your pooch is getting a healthy snack.



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