Formulated for Daily Pet Eye Care – Keep your fur baby’s eyes clean with these gently formulated eye-cleansing dog wipes. Our dog eye wipes remove tear stain and discharge from your pet’s eyelids.
No-Rinse, Non-Irritating Eye Pet Wipes – This eye cleaner for dogs, cats and other pets removes crusting from the eye area. It leaves no oily residue, so there’s no need to rinse.
Gentle and Effective Formula – Bring out your furry pal’s bright, beautiful eyes. This tear stain remover for dogs is infused with chamomile extract that helps ease your pet’s irritated eyelids or skin.
Eye Wipes for All Pets – This dog tear stain remover also works on other types of pets. Use it as cat eye wipes, puppy wipes and eye cleaner wipes for horses and other pets.
Ophthalmologist-and-Veterinarian-Designed Cleansing Essential – Ophthalmologist Dr. Chrissie partnered with veterinarian Dr. Antony to bring you a pet care product that is gentle and effective. Our cruelty-and-paraben-free eye cleaning wipes are made for your pet’s eye health and comfort.



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