Single Ingredient & Long Lasting Collagen Chews: This collagen comes from 100% all natural beef from premium cattle for a tasty treat your furry friend will love! As dog lovers, we make sure to offer only premium dog treats we give our own pups!
Vet-Approved with Natural Health Benefits: Pawstruck Collagen Springs are low fat, packed with 75% protein, and naturally rich in chondroitin and glucosamine which help support healthy joints, skin, and a beautiful, shiny coat. Plus, they’re vet-recommended for your peace of mind.
Supports Dental Health for Cleaner & Strong Teeth: The natural act of chewing helps support dental health by gently massaging the gums and scraping away plaque and tartar buildup for a sparkling smile. Plus, they’re the perfect boredom buster for pups who love to chew!
Amazing Alternative to Traditional Rawhide Chews: Pawstruck Collagen Springs are packed with nutrients for your dog’s health, & are a great alternative to Rawhide Chews and Bully Springs. Like bully sticks, Collagen Springs help clean teeth through the mechanical action of chewing.
Natural Scents that Dogs Love: With absolutely no additives or chemicals, our 6-7’’ naturally-made collagen treats have a meaty scent your pup will go crazy for!



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