Use What The Pros Use: Whether it’s smoke, urine, sweat, food, or pet odors, Odorcide odor neutralizer concentrate will eliminate odors of all kinds! The 16 oz of Odorcide 210 home odor eliminator concentrate will make up to 32 gallons once diluted! This pet, urine, and smoke odor eliminator can be used safely on carpets, upholstery, hardwood, and all other surfaces.
Tough on Strong Odors: Use this room and carpet odor eliminator to permanently and immediately remove odors in the first application, saving you time and money. Our odor remover for house and car penetrates to the source of the odor where other enzyme cleaner products only treat surface problems.
Not an Enzyme, Not a Mask: Our car odor eliminator features a unique non-enzymatic formula that works regardless of what application you have used before. Odorcide 210 Concentrate works where other smokes and urine odor eliminator products haven’t and won’t.
Easy to Use: To apply, just dilute this smoke, food, dog, and cat odor eliminator into the recommended amount of water. Saturate the soiled area and work in the smoke odor exterminator as thoroughly as possible, then let it air dry. Reapply if the odor persists after the room odor eliminator has dried.
Safe for Small Pets & Children: No need to fear, pets and children can safely be around areas treated with Odorcide deodorizer odor eliminator immediately after use. Our room and carpet deodorizer is non-toxic, non-allergenic, and biodegradable. All Odorcide products are safe for use on any surface.



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