Safe & Effective Cleanser Wipes with Gentle Formula – Effectively remove oil, dirt, and eye makeup with this eyelid & eyelash leave-on wipes. The safe formulation is suitable for daily use and the convenient individually wrapped pads are perfect for on the go!
For Moderate to Severe Eyelid Discomfort – These eyelid wipes clean, soothes, and moisturize while removing unwanted gunk. OCuSOFT Lid Scrub PLUS 35 is a leave-on formula providing maximum relief from eyelid syptoms.
Leave-on Formula – Reduce the itching sensation of dirty eyelids while cleansing thoroughly and locking in moisture with these leave-on eyelid wipes. They are perfect for eyelids & eylashes and provide a frefreshing feeling!
Made in USA -With unmatched dedication, the ingredients of this eyelid cleanser and our other eyecare products are sourced, formulated and manufactured in the USA.
OCuSOFT is a doctor-recommended brand for healthy eyes and the preferred distributor of ophthalmic products and supplies among eye care professionals.



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