RELIEF EYE DROPS FOR PETS WITH HYALURONIC ACID – Hyaluronic acid is a highly moisturizing ingredient that retains water and adheres the tear film to the corneal epithelium. Fully biocompatible with animal’s eyes. Indicated for Dry Eyes or Irritated Eyes
IMMEDIATE HYDRATION & LUBRICATION – Ocucan Eye Drops moisturizes and lubricates the eyes, restores and refreshes the tear film balance in dogs, cats and other pets.
TESTED FORMULA – The formula of Ocucan Drops is adapted to the tonicity and pH of your dog’s tears. This product has been packaged under sterile conditions and its ingredients are totally compatible with your dog’s tears.
LONG LASTING EFFECT – The viscoelastic properties of these moisturizing drops cause them to activate with the blinking, causing a lasting effect (long lasting)
PETS EYE CARE – Ocucan Eye Drops prevent dry eye, eye irritation or the risk of infection associated with the lack of tears in dogs.



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