DOCTOR RECOMMENDED DAILY AT HOME DRY EYE CARE: Natural, one-minute per-day at-home soothing massage and eyelid cleaning for dry eye, eyelids and eyelashes. Targets eye glands, the source of dry eye, to provide long-term, lasting relief with daily use. Add to your daily routine for refreshed eyes.
EASY TO USE: The oscillating tip gently cleans and massages the closed eyelids. Frees “capped” meibomian glands to provide immediate relief, helps produce natural lubrication, help to stimulate eyelash growth, and reduce symptoms like itching, burning, excessive tears, redness, and puffiness.
ONE MINUTE PER DAY: Using NuLid’s revolutionary all-natural eye therapy, one minute a day is all it takes for long-term dry eye relief. Two 15 second, timed cycles per eye and you’re done. NuLids can be used on upper and lower lids. The process is comfortable, easy to do, and is done in the blink of an eye.
LONG LASTING BENEFITS: Helps with dry eyes, styes, sore or hurting eyes, contact wearers, demodex, allergies and irritation, makeup removal, eyelash extensions, excessive screen time, outdoor sports, exposure to chemicals in environmental jobs, and as preventative treatment. We recommend consulting with your eye doctor before use.
30 DAY STARTER KIT includes NuLids Rechargeable Hand Device, NuLids All Natural Revitalize Eyelid Gel (0.34 oz), 30 NuLids Disposable Soft Tips, Instructions, and Quick Start Guide. Ditch the eye drops, eye masks, artificial tears, lid scrubs, eyelash cleaning brushes, eyelash growth serums, and more. Includes everything you need for one month of NuLids eye care.



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