THE ULTIMATE EYE DROPS FOR YOUR PET’S EYES: NOVEHA’s HydraPET eye drops contain 2% sodium chloride which has a higher concentration of salt than the natural tears in the eye. Acting like a sponge, this can help draw out excess fluid from the cornea and reduce corneal edema. Additionally, the use of these eye lubricating drops can help improve tear film stability and reduces dry eye by promoting the production of natural tears. Your pet deserves to see well and feel well
AN INFUSION OF NATURE: Using powerful ingredients from nature, our unique formula also includes the potent powers of Aloe Vera extract to calm the eye,
SCIENCE-BASED FORMULA: We have developed the ultimate formula with the best natural ingredients. Effective and safe treatment for moderate dry eye symptoms.
SAFE & EFFECTIVE:. Our drops are manufactured in an ISO & GMP certified facility and uphold the highest health and safety standards. Most commonly used for dogs but can help cats, guinea pigs, horses, and rabbits too.
RECOMMENDED USE: Liberally apply 2-4 drops to each eye, 2-3 times a day, or as directed by a medical health professional. Take extra care to NOT touch the eye itself with the tip. Once a vial is open, keep it refrigerated. This application sees a bottle last anywhere from 15-45 days of treatment.



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