UNIQUE DUAL ACTION: NOVEHA eye drops for pets are the perfect lubricating eye drops for pets. Contains the key ingredients N-acetylcarnosine as well as Lanosterol which provide dual action: clear cloudiness caused by cataracts as well as provide antioxidant support. Your dog deserves to see well and feel well.
EFFECTIVE: Lanosterol management has been proven by science to prevent and even reverse cataracts with continued use, by keeping the lens clear and reducing the effects of oxidation within the eye. Most commonly used for dogs but can help cats, horses, and rabbits too.
SAFE: Lanstorel and N-ac are both produced naturally in the body and cataracts can form when the body produces less. We aim to help replenish the natural supply of the body. Our gentle but effective eye drops contain no phosphates and are BPA-free. Our drops are manufactured in an ISO & GMP certified facility and uphold the highest health and safety standards.
RECOMMENDED USE: Liberally apply 5-10 drops to each eye, twice a day. After the first week, continue by applying 3-5 drops per eye once every 3-5 days depending on severity, or as directed by a medical health professional. Take extra care to NOT touch the eye itself with the tip. Once a vial is open, keep it refrigerated. This application sees a bottle last anywhere from 15-45 days.



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