VET RECOMMENDED & HIGHLY EFFECTIVE for DOGS & CATS – our dog cranberry pills for urinary tract infection are the best urinary tract infection treatment for dogs . Also a great cat uti medicine
BLADDER SUPPORT FOR DOGS – Our cranberry bladder chews are one of the leading dog incontinence products on the market. They give your dog bladder control and dog bladder support you can rely on
NATURAL UTI TREATMENT FOR DOGS – Leading dog UTI treatment over the counter product | Best in-class uti dog treatment and uti cat medicine – Also offers kidney support for dogs & dog kidney support
TASTY CRANBERRY SUPPLEMENT FOR DOGS – made with real chicken – throw away those cranberry pills for dogs – Our cranberry for dogs is made with cranberry extract, probiotics, and d-mannose for dogs
A NATURAL SOFT CHEW ALTERNATIVE – Made with cranberry + d mannose for dogs + probiotics for dogs – just four inactive ingredients – no flour, starches, grains, gluten, artificial ingredients or filler



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