Lubricating Solution with Viscoadaptive Biopolymers: I-DROP VET PLUS is a world leader in OSD management, providing a safe and effective formula that refreshes and stabilizes the tear film. Its viscoadaptive biopolymers ensure long-lasting lubrication for dogs with dry eyes
Removes Dirt, Debris, & Irritants: 0Say goodbye to discomfort caused by dirt, debris, and irritants in your dog’s eyes. I-DROP VET PLUS effectively promotes a healthier ocular surface and provides relief from eye infections
UNIQUE FORMULATION:UNIQUE FORMULATION: I-DROP VET PLUS for dogs is formulated by I-MED Animal Health, a world leader in ocular surface disorder (OSD) management, which offers uniquely formulated hyaluronan-based products
10-mL Sterile Packaging: Each package of I-DROP VET PLUS contains a convenient 10-mL sterile bottle, ensuring the freshness and safety of the lubricating saline solution. It’s easy to use and provides an adequate supply for your dog’s eye care needs
Trusted by Veterinarians: I-DROP VET PLUS is a trusted choice of veterinarians for managing ocular surface disorders in dogs. Its high-quality ingredients and proven effectiveness make it a reliable solution for maintaining optimal eye health in your furry friend



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