Holiday CHURRO Tubs with our softest density chews. Great for the easy-going chewers and dogs of all ages and sizes from puppies to seniors. These savory treats are meant to be consumed in a single chew session providing your dog with the added benefit of oral health. Its unique shape gets between teeth to scrub and scrape reducing plaque and tarter build up. CHURROs are lactose grain and gluten free and easily digestible. These all-natural Holiday Churro Chews are available in 3 savory holiday flavors your dog will truly love. Cheese, cheese with real Sweet Potato. Cheese with real pumpkin. Proudly made in the US – 16 Yaky Churros per storage tub.

START the Holidays with CHEESE- Each Sweet Potato Churro Cheese Chew is expertly hand-crafted by artisans using ancient techniques and new technology for a drool-icious 6 inch chew treat
JUST CHEESE AND NATURAL SWEET POTATO – Milk sourced from the best Cows in Washington State. Ingredients are natural with no binding agents preservatives or additives The curing process removes lactose and Churro Chews are Gluten Free, Lactose Free, Soy Free and Grain Free
UNIQUE SHAPE massages teeth and gums – Gets between teeth to scrub and scrape – Reduces plaque, dental calculus and tartar build up – So doggy delicious, your pup might well eat it in a single chewing session
ALERGEN FREE – Lactose Free – Grain Free – Corn Free – Soy Free – Gluten Free – No binding agents. Vinegar as a preservative
16 Churro 6 inch chews – CHEESE – PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA



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