SOOTHE IRRITATED EYES: HICC PET pet eye drops works to effectively flush dirt, debris, & irritants from pet’s eyes and provide relief from symptoms of pink eye and other eye irritations.
DAILY PET EYE CLEANING: Safe to use daily to reduce allergy symptoms and redness, dog eye wash can also help clean and remove tear stains, relieve dry eyes, promotes healing & hydrating.
SAFE & NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS: The active ingredients of this dog eye cleaner is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI). HOCI is a naturally occurring substance produced by mammalian white blood cells to boost your pet’s immune system. We synthesize a stableimmune factor, HOCI molecule, through HICC PET HOCI technology, which has revolutionized safe animal care for all pets and their owners.
UNIQUE NOZZLE DESIGN: Benefit from HICC PET unique nozzle design, you can easy to dispense each drop of the pet eye rinse on pet eyes, it can also protect furry-kids’ eyes to avoid accidentally injuring their eyes with the nozzle, making lubrication time quick, simple and safe.
FORMULATED BY VET: Formulated by veterinarians using PRUE HOCl, our pet eye wash for dogs is gentle, non-irritating and suitable for daily eye cleaning. Its high-quality ingredients and proven effectiveness make it a reliable solution for maintaining optimal eye health in your furry friend.



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