Larger Size Bigger Qty: Each quality box carry 120 counts wipes, each wipe at 3”x3”, which may cover your fingers completely when you clean your love furry babies. We are always persuing to supply Better Products but Lower Prices to all customers.
Flushable and Bio-Degradable: Dr.Easy eye wipe are proudly made by flushable non-woven and Hypoallergenic Bio-Degradable formula,0% dyes, 0% fragrances,0% phosphates,0% parabens, 0% brighteners.
Safe Ingredients: Chamomilla Recutita Flower & Aloe Barbadensis based FORMULA wipes help the pet owners,groomers and veterinarians take care of the furry babies that suffer from unsightly tear stains and keep their eyes completely safe. Yes, no bleach, no harsh chemicals! Reduces eye irritations and itching in your furry babies.
HOW TO USE: Take out Dr.Easy eye wipes with a clean hand, apply presoaked flushable wipes daily to your pet eyes to remove dirt, crust, discharge, dried mucus, secretions, and tear stains and keep eyes exterior clean, No rinsing needed. Don’t forget to reward your pet and keep the lid closed,flush the used pads down the toilet or dispose in trash after use.
Satisfaction: If the Dr.Easy eye wipe do not help remove your pet’s tear stains after regular use, or if you or your furry babies don’t like it, we’ll replace it,or give you 100% money back, no questions asked.



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