TEAR STAIN REMOVER — Dog eye finger wipes can effectively removes tear stains and eye cruse in a comfort and ease way . Finger sleeve design fix the wipes on finger, make use more flexible. Consistent use can remove existing tear stains. Keeping pet’s eyes clean can reduce eye infections and make them healthier.
SOFT & MOIST EYE WIPES — This dog eye wipes are made of high-quality textured wipes, soft and skin-friendly, doesn’t hurt the skin and fur of pets for regular use.
NATURAL AND SAFE — The pre-soaked dog tear stain remover wipes are made with natural and safe ingredients, gentle and non-irritating, can soothe and relieve eye discomfort for your pets. These wipes are suitable for daily use, to keep the fur around the pet’s eyes clean and avoid the build-up of tear stains.
EASY TO USE — The dog tear stain remover wipes are directly use after opening the lid. Take one wipes out and put it on the finger and gently wipe the pet’s eyes, dispose the wipes after use, no need more steps. It is safe and universal for dogs and cats. After use, please tighten lids to avoid the eye wipes drying out.
MULTI-PURPOSE — These tear stains wipes can clean up the eye discharges and smelly smell on your favorite pet’s eyes, it can also be used for dogs, puppies, cats, kittens, horses, rabbits and another pets.



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