Does your dog suffer from red, runny eyes or do you worry about mucus build-up?

Say goodbye to your pet eye’s problems and keep your dog’s eyes clear and healthy year-round with our dog eye wash!

Benefits of dog eye drops

  • Natural mild formula
  • Flush dirt from dog or cat’s eyes
  • keeping your pet’s eyes hydrated & bright.
  • Suitable for dog, cat, or other animals
  • treat dry eyes, alleviate allergies
  • for the best pet’s eye cleaning and protection.

How to Use

1. Gently shake the bottle before use.

2. Take 2-3 drops per eye, 2 times a day.

Package List

1 * 50ml eye drops for dogs

Powerful Dog Eye Drops: Our Eye wash cleaner for dogs and cats gentle alleviate allergic symptoms and itching, relieves irritation around eyelids and removes tear stain
Gentle Formula: A new formula developed by veterinarians allows us to gently clean dogs, cats, puppies, kitten, rabbits, horses eyes and take good care of them. Natural yet effective
Improves Tear Stains: Solve eye problems such as excessive tear stains and increased eye waste.Regular use will help remove tear stains and slow their formation.
Daily Cleaning: Our dog eye infection treatment provides high-quality cleaning, such as removes Dirt, Debris and Irritants. Reduces eye problems and relives puffiness. Keep your pet’s eyes clear and healthy year-round.
Simple to Use: Just drop 2 times a day on your pet’s eyes. Improve pet eye problems such as dry eye, eye inflammation, blurred vision & tear marks. Great for routine cleaning and protecting of sensitive eyes.



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