Eyes Supplement for Dog : DOCTOR BY Eyes is a Supplement for dog’s eye care. The eyes are the only external organ that are sensitive and weak, so we need to care the eyes more carefully.
Fundamental Improvement : The core point of dog’s eye care is liver functional improvement. Cysteine and methionine complex makes the function of liver better and therefore improves eyes health and removes tear stains.
Reliable Functional Ingredients : Contains Milk Thistle which is helpful for liver health and Omega-3 which is helpful for improving dry eye and relieving inflammation.
Easy to Use : 2.82 oz (80g) that contains about 70 soft chews and soft chewable texture that makes easy to treat your dog. It’s small, so you don’t need to cut it when feeding small dogs.
Your Dod Loves It : Contains duck meat which is hydrolyzed for low allergy and it makes palatability higher. Care for your dog’s eyes with this delicious nutritional supplement!



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