eye care for dogs and cats

✅EYE WASH WIPES: Our dog and cat conjunctivitis eye treatment pads are versatile product that serves as an eye cleaner, tear stain remover, and dog eye crust remover. They are specially formulated to address a wide range of eye care and cleansing for pets.
✅EFFECTIVE TEAR STAIN and DISCHARGE REMOVER: Say goodbye to unsightly tears stains and discharge with our gentle yet effective and safe formula. It works wonders as a tear stain remover for white dogs, ensuring your pet’s eyes stay bright and clear.
✅Pink Eye Treatment: Our eyewash wipes are not just for cleaning but also for treating common problems such as pink and dry eyes. Trust our product to help your pet recover from eye-related discomfort.
✅Easy-to-Use: Designed for dogs, white dogs, cats, and kitten, our wipes offer the convenience of cat eye drops. Administering treatment to your feline friend has never been easier and can replace eye drop.
✅Daily Dog & Puppy Eye Wash: Make our dog eye wash an essential part of your pet care routine. Regular use promotes eye health, and allergies relief and keeps your furry companion comfortable. Can be used with eyedrops.



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