The Active Ingredient: Amarasate (Am-ar-eh-sate) is an extract from hops. Amarasate works by stimulating tastebuds in the gut to release hormones which send a natural fullness signal to the brain to help manage appetite
Effective Appetite Management: Calocurb is a world-first, patented formula that supports the management of appetite, intemittent fasting, overeating, and hunger so you can feel confident about healthy eating
What to Expect: Calocurb stimulates your body’s natural GLP-1 production. GLP-1 is a hormone that causes satiety and can also cause a laxative effect, cramps, indigestion, or burps. Side effects like this are completely normal and indicate a high level of GLP-1 response. Each person’s digestive system is different. If you experience symptoms, decrease dosage until symptoms subside
100% Natural: Calocurb is a plant-based, GMO Free, vegan appetite support supplement. It contains no sugar, no caffeine and no stimulants. It will not cause any jitters or bloating or disrupt your sleep
Proven to Work: Calocurb has been shown to reduce appetite by 80% and decrease calorie intake by 18%. Goodbye cravings, hello you!



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