[SKINCARE SYSTEM 1 SET]: Toner 5.1 Fl Oz, Eye Cream 1.4 Fl Oz, Essence 1.7 Fl Oz, Lotion 4.6 Fl Oz, Nutrition Cream 1.7 Fl Oz
[Hydrates & Soothes]: Provides instant moisture, Recharges dry skin with concentrated moisture, 3 types of non-irritating moisture components quickly absord and soothen skin
[Strengthen Sensitive Skin]: Reduces wrinkles around eyes, Quickly absorbs highly concentrated with HST FIilm Technology, Forms second skin barrier to treat fine lines & deep wrinkles
[Deliver Nutrients Deeper]: Deeply nourishes skin through Micro Delivery System, Micro Delivery System highly effective ingredients are delivered deeper and faster
[Balance Skin]: Balance Skin’s oil/water composition, Nutrients burst and are released using gentle rolling and massaging motion with eh SRM system, Recharges and moisturize skin with a oil/water complex



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