Natural botanicals soothe and gently clean pet’s eyes. Removes foreign debris and encrustations. Gentle eye wash formulated to soothe and maintain healthy eyes. Eyes so Bright™ is great for removing foreign debris and encrustation that build up in the mucous membranes of your pet’s eyes. Active ingredients include aloe, goldenseal, and echinacea. Made in the USA.

CAT & DOG EYE WASH: Eyes So Bright is a gentle eye wash formulated for cats and dogs off all ages to reduce irritation, remove dirt, and promote healthy and clean eyes.
REMOVES DIRT & DEBRIS: This eye rinse works to gently flush out foreign debris and encrustations that build up in the eye and helps cleanse eyes during your pet’s recovery from an eye infection.
NATURAL EYE DROPS: Our natural botanical eye drops gently clean your pets eyes without burning them while goldenseal and echinacea work to soothe and maintain healthy eyes.
DAILY EYE CLEANSER: Pour a little bit of Eyes So Bright onto a cotton ball and gently rub around your pet’s eyes to remove dirt and debris.
CAREFULLY CRAFTED IN THE USA: Our recipe is formulated with high quality and natural ingredients that are corn free, soy free, wheat free, and have no artificial colors or preservatives.



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