1. Specially designed for pets, gently care for the eyes, improve the eye environment of pets, pets also love to use it .

2. Economical & Efficient. Don’t spend a lot of time & money going to a pet hospital anymore, easily restore the bright & moist eyes of pets.

3. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or other animals, you can use our eye drops.

4. Adhering to daily use can also prevent eye infections, treat dry eyes, alleviate allergies, provide care for scratches.

5. Easy to use, does not take up too much space when carrying around.

How to Use

1. Shake the bottle gently before using and remove th cap.

2. Gently lift the pet’s head.Take 5-10 drops of eye drops on each eyes of the pet, it is recommended to use it twice a day.

3.Make the secretions in the eyes flow out together with the liquid.Use moisturizing tissue or cotton balls to clean the pets eye area.

4.After one week, continue to instill 3-5 drops in each eye every 3-5 days, depending on the situation, reduce the dosage to help the pet recover from discomfort.


1. The product is for external use only,not for oral use.

2.Store in cool dry place way from sunlight.

3. Keep out of reach of children.

Packing list:

1 * Pet Eye Drops 50ml ( 1.7 fl oz )

【Pet Eye Drops】Eye Drops for Pets help keep your eyes clean by removing dry mucus secretions and secretions to help reduce the risk of eye irritation and itching caused by foreign bodies, Support your dog’s eye health.Make your pet’s eyes clean and bright, wake up the good mood of the day
【Natural Formula】Pet Eye drops adopts mild formula, safe and non-irritating, provide gentle care for pets. Prevent eye infections, eliminate dry eyes & blockages, protect your dog or cat from discomfort!
【Safe & Non Irritating】Pets’ eyes are fragile, we have conducted multiple tests that have shown that they are suitable for most pets. Gently applied to the eyes, it will not cause any discomfort to pets!
【Widely Applications】Pet Eye Drops has a wide range of applications and is universal for cats and dogs. May be helpful in the management of dry eye syndrome, corneal disorders, blurred vision, ocular inflammation, retinal problems, presbyopia, and more.
【Easy to Use】Gently lift the pet’s head.Take 5-10 drops of eye drops on each eyes of the pet. 3-4 times a day you will see significant results! Immediately start soothing your pet’s itchy, dry or watery eyes Eye.



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