✅ SKIN CLEANSING & CONTROLS INFECTION: Beloved Pets offers gentle care for your dogs and cats, thwarting eye infections, eradicating blockages, soothing puffiness and irritation, and eliminating discharge around the eyelids.
✅ EFFECTIVE DOG EYE STAIN REMOVER: Beloved Pets is a gentle yet potent solution that efficiently handles unsightly eye stains in dogs. Suitable as allergy-friendly eye drops, it’s infused with diamond-like clarity that washes away any goop and gunk, leaving your dog’s eyes spotless. The saline-based formulation gently erases tear stains, enhancing a neat and desirable appearance. It’s also helpful in preventing infections, making it a perfect choice for kittens and Persian breeds.
✅ PROMOTES HEALING & SKIN SOFTENING: This cleaner is formulated with silver ions and panthenol to facilitate wound healing and skin softening, thereby ensuring vibrant and healthy skin. The presence of boric acid alleviates eyelid inflammation. It also contains taurine that stimulates pet eye restoration. It’s a reliable option for preserving clear and healthy eyes, helping your dog see the world with feline-like clarity. It nourishes and promotes optimal eye health.
✅ PET-SAFE & EFFECTIVE: Our new formula, developed by our veterinarians, allows us to gently clean the eyes of dogs, cats, puppies, rabbits, and ferrets while taking good care of them. It’s ideal for eye health. Alongside regular cleaning, consider providing your pet with balanced nutrition, supplements, and a moisturizer for optimal eye health. It can be used with pads, wipes, and soft brushes. These are not just Eye Drops for Dogs and Cats, but also a means to Flush and Soothe Eye Irritations.
✅ WEEKLY APPLICATION NEEDED: For complete care and healthy eyes, apply the treatment once or twice a week. Use wash to rinse the area around the eyes to maintain their clarity and whiteness. ⚠️ Please note that this is not an artificial tears eyewash or eyedrops, but a care product. Apply it around your pet’s eyes to help deter potential issues. The top-grade eye cleaner reduces the risk of common eye ailments like conjunctivitis, pink eye, and cherry eye, and aids in booger and crust removal.



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