FORGET hours of working out w/hardcore, train-insane workouts, intimidating instruction, fitness models in skimpy clothing + gym set ups!

Our efficient + effective sessions feature real women of various ages + sizes, along w/family friendly language + attire, to help improve your metabolism, strength, stamina, balance, range of motion + more!

What is in the package?

Your Set Contains 20 Workouts on 6 DVDs, plus our 8-week wall calendar:


#1: Foundations
#2: Deep Stretch
#3: Yoga Strength + Strength


#4: Cardio Step Jam 
#5: Boogie I.T. 
#6: Cardio HIT! 

DISC 3: SCULPT [96 Minutes]
#7: Metabolic Conditioning 
#8: Cardio Interval Sculpt
#9: Barre Sculpt 

DISC 4: STRENGTH [94 Minutes]

#10: Total Body
#11: Upper Body
#12: Lower Body

DISC 5: FUSION MIX [95 Minutes]

#13: Barefoot Cardio Core
#14: Tone + Flow
#15: Pilates + Yoga

DISC 6: 15-MINUTE FIX [82 Minutes]

#16: 1-Mile of Motivation
#17: Total Body Training
#18: Streamline Sculpt
#19: Add On Abs
#20: Total Stretch

What’s needed for the program?
REQUIRED: Dumbbells, a mat + a sturdy, high back chair. Optional: A step, a small, non weighted ball, + yoga block.

Workout lengths?
Approx. 30 mins (5 are 15 mins).

Can anyone participate?

We suggest our 6 Week System ( + 2.0 plan first. Not recommended for beginners, or those w/joint issues who need to avoid squats, lunges or floor work. Our modifiers add/lower intensity for most levels.


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