Size:60 Count (Pack of 1)

Limiting carbohydrates in the diet is crucial in weight management. The mulberry leaf is a great tool for this. A recent Italian study of Zuccarin showed impressive weight loss results. Subjects lost on average 20 pounds in only 90 days. The subjects lost 10% of their body weight and lost 3 times the weight of the control group, who were on a controlled diet, but without a mulberry supplement. In addition, the subjects also experienced healthier blood sugar levels after using this mulberry supplement. The explanation for the weight loss is that Zuccarin uses natural mulberry leaf extract to block absorption of sugars in the foods we eat. When these sugars are undigested, our blood sugar stabilizes, and weight loss occurs. Mulberry leaves have traditionally been used in Chinese and South European natural medicine for their anti-hyperglycemic properties. It reduces the absorption of sugar and inhibits the transformation of poly-saccharides into glucose. These leaves also contain phytosterols, which are cholesterol-lowering agents, and are natural and safe. New Nordic’s herbal supplements are made in Scandinavia where people live close to nature, seeking it as a source of vitality. Our herbal experts and researchers use naturally sourced ingredients and potent plant-based extracts in our herbal supplements to help you thrive without compromising your overall health.

ZUCCARIN DIET PILL: Clinically proven to help weight management, Zuccarin Diet pills have high amounts of mulberry leaf extract, which helps you reach weight loss goals by reducing the absorption of carbohydrates & promotes healthy blood sugar levels.
NEW NORDIC WELLNESS SUPPLEMENTS: Living a healthy lifestyle is important & nutrients play a role in overall wellness. From apple cider vinegar tablets, to Zuccarin Diet tablets & liver detox, to eye health, sleep & hearing, we have supplements to help.
NATURALLY SOURCED INGREDIENTS: New Nordic herbal supplements are carefully researched and use high quality and naturally sourced ingredients. From beauty supplements to detoxes to weight loss supplements and vitality, our supplements help you thrive.
THE HERBAL EXPERTS: New Nordic is the herbal expert in Scandinavia, where people live close to nature. We create herbal supplements and extracts for men and women who are interested in increasing their health and living strongly into their senior years.
THE PATH TO VITALITY: From the first Swedish eye tablet to the iconic Hair Volume tablet, we aim to help you maintain vitality. You’ll love our Zuccarin Diet pills if you’ve tried ones like OGX, Alli Diet Pills, Belviq, Lipozene Diet Pills, & Genius.
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