Learn to line dance and get in shape! This dvd set includes amazing line dance instruction plus two 30 minute workouts that give you not only a great workout, but practice time for all that you learn. Learn 20 of the hottest line dances in the country, learn them at your own pace, and get some exercise too! In this two disc set, each line dance DVD has 10 line dances. Learn a few of the classics and some of the newest, most popular line dances from around the country on the best line dance instructional DVDs available. You will learn each line dance step by step, and then do it to music as the instructor continues to help you through all the steps. Each instructional line dance DVD ends with a half-hour practice and cardio exercise section that takes you through all 10 line dances back to back with music. This is a great way to practice the line dances, plus get 30 minutes of low impact cardiovascular exercise and have a great time doing it! Almost 3 hours of line dancing goodness in this 2 disc set of line dance DVDs!

Volume 1 of this line dance DVD set focuses on line dances that are that are shorter and simpler to help get you acclimated, and dancing quickly. It is full of fun dances that are great for a wide range of ages and skill levels.

Volume 2 of Line Dance Lessons on DVD steps it up a notch, and introduces more variety in the line dances to help you to continue to progress. You will love them all, as you discover line dances that are slightly longer, more intricate, or faster paced, and as you get better you will have more fun with every step.

From simple and fun, to complex and challenging this line dance DVD set is perfect for almost everyone. These line dance DVDs are part of a country dance DVD collection all available here on Amazon.

See below the complete list of line dances on this DVD set including songs most often danced to. For a full list of music go to UtahCountryDance.com/music

Volume 1:

Triple Shake – most often dance to Funky Cowboy by Ronnie McDowell
Boot Scoot – most often danced to Boot Scoot and Boogie by Brooks & Dunn
Giddy-up – most often dance to Play Something Country by Brooks and Dunn
Spin Dixie – most often dance to Any Man of Mine by Shania Twain
Slappin Leather – most often dance to Fishin in the Dark by Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Boogie Train – most often dance to Baby Likes to Rock It by The Tractors
Tap & Slap – most often dance to T-R-O-U-B-L-E by Travis Tritt
Rockin Chair – most often dance to Yippi Ti Yi Yo by Ronnie McDowell
Cotton Eye – most often dance to Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex
Bull Ride – most often dance to Hooked on an 8 Second Ride by Chris LeDoux

Volume 2

Hitchin – Most often danced to I m From the Country by Tracy Byrd
Tailgate – most often dance to Tailgate by Neal McCoy
The Crawl – most often dance to Watermelon Crawl by Tracy Byrd
Come on Over – most often dance to God Blessed Texas by Little Texas
Cha Cha Glide – most often dance to My Maria Brooks and Dunn (country option), or I Need to Know by Mark Anthony (latin option), or Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake (neutral genre)
Playin Chicken – most often dance to I Play Chicken with the Train by Cowboy Troy
Tush Push – most often dance to The Fireman by George Strait
The Stomp – most often dance to Bombshell Stomp by Bomshel
Honky Tonkin – most often dance to Honky Tonk Badonkadonk by Trace Adkins
Poppin (Hoppin ) – most often dance to Old Pop in an Oak by Rednex. Best Line Dance DVDs Available


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