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America’s favorite fitness expert, Denise Austin, gets kids in shape with an energetic workout using elements of dance, hip-hop, sports drills, yoga and stretching in a 20-minute workout that is uniquely made for kids to keep moving, have fun, and stay healthy.

With the goal to get kids moving, fitness expert Denise Austin leads preteens in a 20-minute total body workout incorporating elements of dance, hip-hop, sports drills, and yoga. It begins with a six-minute warm up of stretches and lunges, followed by seven minutes of cardio-funk, kick-boxing, and traditional aerobics. The program ends with a strengthening segment of push-ups, abdominal exercises, and beginning yoga. Effervescent Austin provides adequate verbal coaching to a dozen kids who perform the moves. This moderately fast-paced program assumes its participants are fairly fit at the onset and in only a few cases offers reduced levels of participation for varying abilities. No equipment is necessary and minimal space is required in this energetic option for general youth fitness. Dont miss the DVDs bonus episode, “Family Fit,” a 20-minute workout designed for families to do together. It follows the same format as the “Fit Kids” routine, with the addition of a few exercises that require partnering for resistance training. One segment employs a basketball (or similar sized ball) which is the only equipment necessary. “Quality fitness, doing it together,” is Austins peppy mantra, which results in a corny but clever way to get families off the couch. (Ages 8 and older) –Lynn Gibson


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