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The Grand Canyon: for jaw-dropping, breathtaking views, nowhere else even comes close! You’ll see all the major overlooks like Navajo Point, Moran Point, Grandview Point and Yavapai Point in all their world-class splendor, and in between go for stretches of easy-to-medium-grade pedaling through green forests of Pinyon-Juniper and tall Ponderosa Pine. Plus, you’ll get a ride along the back door route on the Coconino Rim aside the massive Little Colorado Gorge. And while that would be enough, we like to give you more than your money s worth by throwing in a super ride through Vermillion Cliffs National Recreation area. You’ll be seeing sudden arroyos carved vertically into the wide valley and stopping to see spectacular views from Navajo Bridge at Marble Canyon! Then continue past precariously balanced rocks and other beautiful Arizona scenery ending up literally knee deep in the freezing cold Colorado River at Lees Ferry. A no-brainer for sheer exer-tainment at 88 minutes.

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