Tone, sculpt and stretch your body from head to pointed toe with this ballet-inspired workout program. This DVD, filmed outdoors by the water in sunny Florida, includes three workouts that can be done separately, or all together for one complete class session:

CARDIO BALLET (20 Minutes): Forget that boring treadmill — burn calories with the grace of a ballerina! This fat-burning, ballet-inspired session works up a surprising sweat in a small amount of space, no equipment required (both high and low impact options shown).

BARRE BURN (20 Minutes): Lift, shape and define your entire body with this cardio sculpting barre workout. A sturdy chair and a set of light hand weights (2- to 8-pounds, depending on level) are recommended for this routine.

FLOOR BARRE (20 Minutes) Cinch, tighten and stretch — without ever leaving the ground — with this total body, core conditioning, Pilates infused routine. A mat and a small soft ball or pillow are recommended for this workout.

Total Run Time: Approx 60 Minutes


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