EACH GUMMIES IS FULL OF UNFILTERED APPLE CIDER VINEGAR: Your will get 3 bottles of 240 delicious apple cider vinegar gummies with the “mother”, which can effectively help manage weight, eliminate bloating, cleanse the intestines, detoxify and improve immunity.
VEGAN & SUPPORTS HEALTHY WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Helps weight management. Low sugar only 1g. Your will get the ACV gummies made of carrageenan extracted from natural seaweed, it has a high melting point and not easy to melt into lumps and deteriorate. and it is pure vegetarian.
RICH IN VITAMINS B9 & B12: ACV apple cider vinegar gummies is rich in Vitamin B9 and B12, help you feel energized & refreshed and improve your workouts, productivity & health.
ORGANIC AND NATURAL INGREDIENTS — LUCKCHAN’s apple cider vinegar is developed from a special formula that retains “mother”, the real natural apple cider vinegar, beetroot, and red pomegranate. No coloring, zero additives, non-GMO and no gelatin.
A TRUSTED HEALTH MANAGEMENT BRAND — LUCKCHAN is committed to providing natural and high-quality health products, just to make you healthy and beautiful.




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