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There are really only two ways I’m coming out of this pandemic: super ripped by flowing fitness videos or in dire need of a diet. coronavirus lockdown restrictions come and go and come back again, leaving many gyms closed across the country. Whether or not your gym or fitness studio is closed, the bottom line is that working out at home is still safer than a gym workout while the pandemic rages on. 

Switching to a home workout routine isn’t easy if you’re used to going to a class for your HIIT or yoga workout — it takes some space and a lot of intrinsic motivation to stick to a home workout plan and reach your fitness goals. But establishing a home workout routine is a smart move because beyond boosting your physical health, following an exercise program can help ease anxiety related to coping with the pandemic.

Staying in shape during the pandemic is totally doable, and this guide will show you how. Even if you have a small space, no equipment (hello body weight workouts!) or little time, there are many great options including exercises focused on your upper body, lower body, core muscles, glutes, chest, back — muscle building workouts for all the muscle groups, really. Plus there’s high-intensity interval training, cardio, yoga poses and more. Seriously, no matter your fitness level, these exercises will get your heart rate up — in many cases without you having to buy a single dumbbell or kettle bell.

So check out these fitness Videos that you can watch at home and get in shape.

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